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Association of 1890 Research Directors

Project Impact Statement Index

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 Funding Source   Project Title   Research Category   University
SCC-81(Multistate) including
USDA?NIFA Evans-Allen
Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production Animal Health / Production / Products Multistate
SARE, USDANIFA-CBG, AFRI, SBIR Sheep and Goat Internal Parasite Management  Animal Health/ Production/ Products FVSU
USDA/NIFA Evans-Allen MDX-AS21 Alternative Compounds to Commercially Available Anthelmintics to Be Used in Sheep and Goats Animal Health/
USDA/NIFA Evans-Allen 
Induction and Estrus Synchronization of Sheep and Goats During Fall and Late Spring Using Controlled Internal Drug Release Devices on Delmarva Animal Health/
SARE, NIFA,  Evans-Allen Sustainable Methods for Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Natural Dewormers Animal Health /Production/ Products TU
USDA/NIFA:Evans-Allen, NSF Biofuels for Sustainable Energy Future  Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment NCAT
USDA/NIFA Evans-Allan  Towards Environmentally Conscious Precision Agriculture Renewable Energy, 
Natural Resources, 
and Environment
USDA/NIFA Evans-Allen MDX-108-22-361 Use of Small Ruminants for Vegetative Control Renewable Energy,
Natural Resources,
and Environment
USDA/NIFA Evans-Allen Moringa Research  Animal Health and Plant Products NCAT