• Environmental Quality

    Diverse Grass Species as Potential Sources of Biofuel, Phosphorus Hyperaccumulation and their Impacts on Soil Organic Matter Dynamics

    NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Various millets, sudangrass, and switchgrass genotypes will be studied for their ability to produce high dry weight and conversion to biofuel (alcohol). Identification of grass genotypes that are non-food sources for high potential to give alcohol will not only provide alcohol for the transportation industry, and hence reduce our dependence on imported petroleum oils for fuel, but will also help to remove some of the high phosphorus from farm lands due to over application of poultry manure in the Delmarva region.

    The grasses to be grown in the Delmarva region are known to have high tolerance to drought; thus, they will be a most profitable addition to the sources of farm income in the Delmarva drought-prone region. Future biofuel extraction plants will also have a ready source of feedstock.

    FUNDING:  Evans-Allen Research Program

    CONTACT:  Dr. Robert Dadson, Professor and Chair, Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences, rbdadson@umes.edu