• Food Science

    Enhancing Utilization of Watermelon as Juice and Agricultural Wine

    NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, watermelons rank as having the second largest fresh vegetable acres harvested in the state of Maryland after sweet corn. Harvest dates for watermelon starts mid July and continues until after mid September. Watermelons that are not picked are normally on the farm, decomposed and dried. Decomposing watermelons dumped on the field attract flies and insects, which can be carriers for many diseases. There are environmental problems until the weather gets cold and the waste dries out.

    The project prepares students for successful careers and life-long learning through research experiences. Outreach activities in this project place heavy emphasis on enhancing the safety, quality, and supplies of food within our region. The project provides science-based knowledge and technologies to generate new or improved high-quality products and processes to expand market for agricultural sector.

    FUNDING:  NIFA - Capacity Building Grant

    CONTACT:  Dr. Jurgen Schwarz; Interim Dean, School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences; Director and Associate Professor, Food Science and Technology; jgschwarz@umes.edu