• Sustainable Agriculture

    Impact of Possible Natural Anthelmintics on Meat Quality in Sheep and Goats

    NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Small ruminants that graze such as sheep and goats are regularly exposed to internal parasites and are thus generally very susceptible to infection by lethal parasites (worms). The continuous use of chemical dewormers has resulted in reduced effectiveness due to increased resistance of the parasites to the dewormers. So novel approaches to treat internal parasites are needed. One approach is to feed plant or plant-derived products as natural anthelmintics. However, feed ingredients can have a major impact on meat flavor, so such homeopathic preparations may produce undesirable flavors in the meat from the animals in which they are used. Therefore, there are two goals of the proposed research. One is to determine the efficacy of possible natural anthelmintics and the second is to determine if use of natural anthelmintics could impact the flavor or quality of the meat from animals in which the products were used.

    FUNDING:  Evans-Allen Research Program

    CONTACT:  Dr. E. Nelson Escobar, Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences, enescobar@umes.edu