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    Increasing Capacity to Attract, Retain and Graduate Underrepresented Minorities in Low Enrollment Programs in Human Ecology: A Model for Recruitment, Matriculation and Increased Graduation Rates

    NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: This project addresses the need to attract more students from underrepresented groups into the food and agricultural sciences. It is directed at the undergraduate level and focuses recruitment efforts at junior and senior-level, college bound high school students. The emphasis is on teacher training, particularly for family and consumer sciences (FCS) teachers, who are part of the Teacher Academy (TAM) in Anne Arundel County, Md., to help them enhance the content of their courses to include college-level material.

    This project focuses recruitment efforts on TAM students as a means of attracting students who may not otherwise select UMES as a viable college option. Particular recruitment strategies will be targeted at Meade High School, located in Anne Arundel County, Md., because of its cultural diversity, large percentage of African American students, and its large family and consumer sciences program. It also represents an innovative application in education in an area that addresses local, regional, or national issues in food and agricultural sciences and intends to reform mainstream instructional practices and addresses future needs within the food and agricultural sciences system by pipelining K-12 students into the degree programs in food and agricultural sciences. In addition, the need to attract more students from underrepresented groups into the food and agricultural sciences will be accomplished by establishing a school/university partnership and outreach program designed to channel high school students into degree programs in dietetics and family and consumer sciences teacher education and by offering new experiential learning opportunities for these students.

    FUNDING: NIFA - Capacity Building Grant

    CONTACT:  Dr. Nina Bennett, Acting Chair and Assistant Professor, Department of Human Ecology, nlbennett@umes.edu