The Plant and oil Science Research Laboratories are principally located in the Crop and Aquaculture Building (CAB) on the Research and Teaching farm, and in Trigg Hall (the main Agricultural Science Building) on the campus of University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The CAB is used for research in plant breeding and genetics, host-plant resistance and plant pathology, nutrient management, and microbiology. Its facilities include several greenhouses, fully equipped diagnostic laboratory for water quality. The newest greenhouse is 2.5 acres under glass and was designed as a public/private enterprise with one bay specifically designed for research conducted by plant and soil science faculty.                                  



    The CAB houses a state-of-the-art Geographic Information System (GIS) Laboratory. The GIS laboratory is a university-wide facility that provides GIS research, services, training, and outreach with the community. Equipment in the laboratory includes plotter, Digitizer and Global Positional System units.

    Microbiology Laboratory and Center for Plant and Microbial Biotechnology

    Basic research microbiology takes place in the Microbiology Laboratory and The Center for Plant and Microbial Biotechnology in Trigg Hall. These two facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including PCR, electrophoresis equipment, and an electron microscope.