• Protective Clothing


    Textiles Teaching / Research facilities housed in the Richard A. Henson Center are used to conduct research on protective clothing for pesticide applicators. The facilities are comprised of an environmental control room, a research laboratory and a storage/ laundry room.

    Environmental Control Room

    This laboratory is environmentally controlled to maintain standard temperature and humidity conditions required to measure physical properties of textile materials. The laboratory is equipped with an Instron 4201 tensile strength tester, Elmendorf tearing strength tester, flat and flex abrasion testers, air permeability tester, fabric thickness tester,Mettlerbalancesas well as instruments to measure color and wrinkle recovery properties. The temperature and humidity settings are changed to simulate hot and humid conditions to measure moisture vapor transmission properties of protective clothing materials.

    Textile Research Laboratory

    This laboratory, equipped with two fume hoods, is used to conduct tests such as contamination of textile materials with pesticide and the extraction of pesticide. The laboratory houses the Xenon-arc weather-o-meter, launder-o-meter, orbital shaker, flammability testers.

    The storage/laundry room houses the rain tester, Impact penetration tester, and the washer and dryer.