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    Natural Resources and Environment
    Soil, plant, water, nutrient relationships
    Water conservation
    Forest and land sustainability (urban forestry)
    Forest and land sustainability (Agroforestry)
    Natural resource and environmental management
    Soil and Water Quality
    Plant and Plant Systems
    Genetics/genomics and basic plant science
    Plant protection including IPM
    Plant product quality and utility
    Organic farming
    Production of nutriceuticals/pharmaceuticals
    Animals and their Systems (to include fisheries and aquaculture)
    Reproductive performance
    Nutrient utilization
    Genetic improvement
    Animal genome
    Environmental stress in amimals
    Animal management systems
    Improved animal products
    Animal diseases/Immunology
    External/Internal parasites of pests and animals
    Hazards affecting animals
    Agriculture Engineering
    Water disposal, recycling and resuse
    Food: Development, Processing, Quality and Delivery
    New and improved food processing techniques
    New and improved food products
    Quality maintenance in storing and marketing food products
    Home and commercial food service
    Economics, Markets, and Policy
    Economics of Ag. Production and Farm Management
    Business management, finance and taxation
    Market economics
    Marketing and distribution practices
    Natural resource and environmental economics
    International trade and development
    Consumer economics
    Community resource planning and development
    Domestic policy analysis
    Foreign policy and programs
    Functional Foods, Nutrition, and Human Health and Well-Being
    Bioactive food components
    Bioavailability and metabolism of bioactive food components and nutrients
    Requirements and function of nutrients and other food components
    Nutrition education and behavior
    Nutrition and hunger in the population
    Obesity prevention
    Nutrition-related diseases
    Biofuels and Bioproducts
    New/improved technologies that produce biofuels from ag. materials
    Investigating the potentials of feedstocks from raw materials for energy production
    Production of biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products from biomass sources
    Gasification research
    Climate Change
    Biological consequencies of climate changes
    Understanding the sequences and duration of weather events and the response of relevant biota
    Food Safety and Food Science
    Ensure food products free of harmful components
    Protect food from contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, parasites and naturally occurring toxins
    Evaluate preventive techniques for sustainability, effectiveness, reliability, and cost
    Develop/evaluate detection/monitoring tools or procedures related to foodborne hazard detection
    Food Engineering
    Food Processing
    Product Development
    Maintenance of nutritional qualities of food products during storage and marketing
    Families, Youth and Communities
    Individual and family resource management
    Human development and family well-being
    Sociological and technological change affecting individuals, families, and communities
    Human environmental issues concerning apparel, textiles, and residential/farm commercial structures
    Youth development
    Sweet sorghum
    Perennial grasses
    Crop residues to bioethanol
    Woody biomass
    Algal oil
    Soybean oil
    Switch grass
    Corn stover
    aquaponic systems
    sun hemp
    Trichoderma reesei
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Lespedeza cuneata
    E. coli O157:H7
    Salmonella spp
    Listeria monocytogenes
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