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APLU Personnel

  • M. Peter McPhearson
    Phone: 202/478-6070
    Email: pmcphearson@aplu.org

    Jean Middleton
    Chief of Staff for the President
    Phone: 202/478-6070
    Email: jmiddleton@aplu.org

    Ian Maw
    Vice President for Food, Agriculture,
    and Natural Resources
    Phone: 202/478-6031
    Email: imaw@aplu.org

    Suzette Tindley-Robinson
    Staff Associate
    Phone: 202/478-6024
    Email: srobinson@aplu.org

    Eddie G. Gouge
    Associate Director
    Federal Relations - Food, Agricultural
    Sciences and CARET
    Phone: 202/478-6028
    Email: egouge@aplu.org

    Eugene L. Anderson
    Vice Pres., Office for Access and Success:
    The Advancement of Public Black Colleges
    and Universities
    Phone: 202/478-6056
    Email: eanderson@aplu.org