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Archives - Information Brief for 2006 Symposium

  • 1890 Land-Grant Universities
    Association of Research Directors, Inc.
    14th Biennial Research Symposium
    Hyatt Regency Atlanta
    Atlanta, Georgia
    April 1 - April 5, 2006
    Information Brief

    The Universities

         The Historically Black Land-Grant Colleges and Universities including Tuskegee University (1890 Institutions) have distinguished themselves in providing exemplary education for all who choose to matriculate on their campuses. They continue to be at the forefront in producing minority human capital for the food and agricultural sciences. These campuses have become models of diversity in student enrollment and in their faculty.

         The 1890 Institutions are willing, and have demonstrated the capacity, to meet the needs and demands of education, agriculture, and society. These institutions are using and appreciate the support of the federal agencies, the United States Congress, state and local governments, and the private sector in providing resources to implement quality programs in research, education, extension, and other public service.

    The Association

         The Association of Research Directors, Inc. (ARD) is a federation of eighteen (18) autonomous land-grant institutions. ARD will provide coordination of research initiatives and the associated education and training among member institutions in cooperation with partners from federal, state and local government entities, non-government entities, and the private sector. A key partner is the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The ARD holds membership in the “State Agricultural Research Experiment System” of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC). Today the 1890 Institutions offer complex, specialized, advanced, technologically-oriented, sound and pertinent programs. Although the 1890 Institutions proudly keep pace with mainstream education and cutting-edge educational advancement, these campuses hold true to focusing on viable research programs that are directed to societal needs and increasing diversity within the human resource capital. The ARD cooperates with USDA, NASULGC, and other appropriate regional and national committees and organizations in developing legislation affecting the food and agricultural research needs of the nation. Additionally, the ARD also has a major role in developing, supporting, and enhancing specific knowledge on limited resource/small-scale farming in the United States.

    The Symposium

         The first ARD Research Symposium was held in 1976 to commemorate the United States bicentennial and to showcase the varied accomplishments of research scientists and students at the 1890 Institutions. Similarly, the 14th Biennial Symposium will provide opportunities for scientists and students to present research papers and posters that share innovative and practical research findings in the food and agricultural sciences. Focusing on the theme for the Symposium of “1890 Research: An Indispensable Investment,” research papers and posters will be presented in four areas:

    • Food Safety, Nutrition and Health
    • Environmental Stewardship and Bio-Security
    • Small Farms and Rural Development
    • Emerging Technologies

         The ARD’s 14th Biennial Research Symposium will be held on April 1-5, 2006, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Atlanta, GA. This Symposium will attract more than 600 participants with more than 200 research papers and posters presented. A major highlight of the Symposium will be the presentation of awards, especially the Morrison-Evans Outstanding Scientist and the B. D. Mayberry Young Scientist Awards. Other activities are:

    • General, Plenary, and Concurrent Breakout Sessions
    • Student Competitive Paper and Poster Sessions
    • Scientist Competitive and Non-Competitive Paper and Poster Sessions
    • Award Sessions
    • Exhibits by colleges and universities, government agencies, and private industry

    Request for Support

         Support is sought in the form of grants, sponsors for food and award events, and exhibitors. In addition to providing financial support, the 14th Biennial Research Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for colleges and universities, agencies, firms, organizations, etc. to establish and/or expand relationships with the ARD and the 1890 Institutions. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

    Contact Information

         For additional information, you may contact:

    Dr. Stephen H. Kolison, Jr.
    Chair, Association of Research Directors, Inc.
    Dean & Research Director,
    Institute of Agricultural & Environmental Research
    Tennessee State University
    Agricultural Extension & Res. Bldg., Room 125
    350 John A. Merritt Blvd.
    Nashville, TN 37209-1561
    Phone: 615.963.2194
    Fax: 615.963.5532

    Dr. Winfrey S. Clarke
    Symposium Chair, Association of Research Directors, Inc.
    Associate Dean
    Virginia State University
    M.T. Carter Research Center, Room 115
    Carter G. Woodson Drive, Box 9061
    Petersburg, VA 23806
    Phone: 804.524.5631
    FAX: 804.524.5622

    Dr. Samuel L. Donald,
    Regional Research Director
    Association of Research Directors, Inc.
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    Rm. 1103 Early Childhood Research Center
    Princess Anne, MD 21853
    Phone: 410.651.6074
    FAX: 410.651.7657