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Chair's Welcome Message


    Welcome back students.  For past and present ASME members, I say welcome back.  For future members, I say you are welcomed to join our awesome organization.


    American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a non profit educational and technical organization geared towards students and professional Engineers.  Some of the benefits ASME provides includes, but are not limited to helping students with scholarship funds, helping its members with an exciting career benefits, career fairs etc.  Some of the benefits of becoming a member include:

    • Student membership is $20.  You will receive Mechanical Engineering Magazine (a $45 value) for free.

    • Membership is free to freshmen (with no ME Magazine)

    • If you will be a new member, Delmarva Subsection of ASME will pay half of your membership.

    • You may become a member on-line, if you wish by clicking on the link using our website located at:

    • For more information about ASME, please see our faculty advisor (Dr Yilmaz) or visit ASME website at:


    Becoming an ASME member will be one of the best choices you will ever make.


    Nnenna Ofurum. October 1, 2002