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Proposed Student Section Constitution

  • 2/07: Modified by Membership

    10/09/07: Reformatted and errors corrected by E. Yilmaz


    University of Maryland Eastern Shore Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers






    The University of  Maryland Eastern of Shore Section of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, as a national student and professional based organization does here by dedicate itself to the development of intensive programs for increasing member participation in the field of engineering and engineering technology.  This program will be initiated within and outside the university community and will serve to strengthen relations in the professional industry and the community.  Members of this organization are encouraged to join and participate in there individual professional societies.  This organization will endeavor to provide general counseling to all members.


    Article I


    The name and type of this organization shall be the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Section of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a nonprofit student run organization; here after refer to as UMES-ASME.


    Article II – Objectives


    The objective of UMES-ASME will stimulate and develop student interest in engineering and engineering technology; to strive to increase the number of students majoring in engineering and engineering technology becoming members of ASME; to strive to increase the number of applied/ physical science majors becoming members of the ASME; to strive to achieve the goals set in the long range plan of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as well as region five.


    Article III – Membership

    Section 1:

    Membership in UMES-ASME shall be designated as member.


    Section 2:

    Members shall be defined as an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in an accredited educational institution and is a candidate in a degree in engineering, engineering technology, applied/ physical science, mathematics.


    Section 3:

    Members and participation shall be free from discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual preference, race, religion, or national origin.


    Article IV- Organization


    This Section shall be defined as a number of members attending the same educational institution and who have chartered as a Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


    Article V-Voting

    Section 1:

    (A)   Each member in good standing and in attendance shall be entitled to one vote during the September general body meetings per school year to elect the Executive Board members.

    (B)   If an elected officer is determined to not be performing their duties by a majority of the members of the Executive Board, they may be removed.


    Section 2:

    The president and vice-president shall serve as official representatives of this Section in regional and national events.


    Section 3:

    In the event of a tie during Section voting the advisor shall cast the tie-breaking vote.




    Annual membership fees shall be set in accordance set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

    Articles VII-Administration

    Section 1:

    There shall be an Executive Board of the UMES of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers which shall consist of the:

    (a)    Advisor

    (b)   President

    (c)    Vice-President

    (d)   Secretary

    (e)    Treasurer

    (f)     Projects Coordinator

    (g)    Membership Coordinator


    Section 2:

    The executive Board shall:

    (a)    Determine all questions of policy and shall administer the affairs of the Section under the Section Constitution.

    (b)   Be subject to the orders of the membership and none of its acts shall conflict with decisions made by the vote of the general body, or the goal and objectives of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

    (c)    Not receive any salary for services.

    Article VIII-Offices

    Section 1:

    All elected offices shall be held by members in good standing.


    Section 2:

    The elected offices of the UMES-ASME are:

    (a)    President

    (b)   Vice-president

    (c)    Secretary

    (d)   Treasurer

    (e)    Project Coordinator

    (f)     Membership Coordinator


    Section 3:

    Any member of UMES-ASME is eligible for an elected office who:

    (a)    Has been registered as a full-time student.

    (b)   Maintain student status throughout the elected term.

    (c)    Graduate students who have fulfilled member status and maintain full-time student status throughout the elected term.


    Section 4:

    The official Board-Elect shall take office during the semester in which they are elected, and remain in office until the next Board takes over.


    Section 5:

    If at any point during the academic year, a vacancy occurs in any office, the attending general body shall elect a member on an interim basis until the next election is held.


    Article IX-Duties of elected Officers

    Section 1:

    The duties of the elected officials are:

    (a)   President

    (i)      Shall preside over all official meetings of UMES-ASME

    (ii)    Shall serve as the official representative of UMES-ASME

    (iii)    Shall appoint members of all standing, with advice and consent of the officers


    (b)   Vice-President

    (i)         Shall  preside in the absence or inability of the president

    (ii)       Shall develop programs of interest for UMES-ASME in cooperation with the other officers.

    (iii)      Shall perform any activities, duties, and responsibilities as designated by the President.

    (iv)     Shall serve as official representative of UMES-ASME


    (C)   Secretary

    (i)         Shall record accurately the minutes of the general body meetings and make the available to all members upon request.

    (ii)       Shall require from the public Relations committee and special committees, a record of all activities.

    (iii)      Shall report the minutes of the previous meeting at the present meeting of UMES-ASME

    (iv)     Shall maintain the membership roll


    (c)    Treasurer

    (i)       Shall keep accounts and deposit funds of UMES-ASME Treasury.

    (ii)     Expenditures made for engineering society business shall be made in a manner approved by the officers.


          (d)  Projects Coordinator

          (i)   Manages members working on projects related to UMES-ASME.


    (h)   Membership Coordinator

          (i)   Recruiting students for membership for UMES-ASME.


    Article X-Meetings


    (i)      General body meetings shall be held twice a month, the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.

    (ii)    Executive counsel meeting will be held as needed throughout the year as determined by the president.


    Article XI-Constitutional Authority


    UMES-ASME shall comply with the constitution and By-Laws of the National Society.


    Article XII-Amendments

    Section 1:

    Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by a two-third (2/3) vote of the officers


    Section 2:

    Proposed Amendments must be submitted in written form to the officers for review.  The proposal must be clearly stated and justified.


    Section 3:

    Once approved by the officers, the proposal shall be presented to UMES-ASME during a general body meeting for debate and voting.


    Section 4:

    Ratification of any amendments shall become effective after a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the attending general body.