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    The National Security Directorate at Savannah River National Laboratory seeks Postdoctoral Research Associate

    The National Security Directorate at Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) seeks highly qualified candidates for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in the field of data science, with particular interest in network identification and data visualization.

    Successful candidates will have relevant data science experience, critical thinking skills, data processing skills, and a demonstrated ability to synthesize these skills into effective experimental design, execution, and reporting.

     Eligible applicants must:

    • Be a US Citizen,
    • Have earned a Ph.D. in Business Statistics, Computer Sciences, Population Ecology, Population Medicine/Public Health/Epidemiology, Virology, Mathematics and Statistics, Analytical Chemistry, Demography, Economics, Linguistic Anthropology, Sociology (except Social Work), or related field from an accredited university or college within the last 60 months, and
    • Be capable of obtaining a security clearance.

    For the position description and to apply:

    For information on the Savannah River Nuclear Laboratory:

    Questions? Email The SRNL Postgraduate Research Associates Program is administered by ORAU through its contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to manage the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).


    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) HBCU/MI Internship Program - Deadline January 19, 2018

    Please find outside student internship opportunities below:

    The Washington Center has released their Summer 2018 application for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) HBCU/MI Internship Program.

    Summer 2018 Internship Details:

    • Application deadline: January 19, 2018
    • Program dates: 10 weeks between Tuesday, May 29, through Friday, August 3, 2018.
    • Undergraduate student stipend: $8,500
    • Graduate student stipend: $10,900
    • Transportation to and from D.C. will be provided up to $700 total
    • Housing is provided to interns at a reduced rate, and stipends will be reduced for students using housing so that they do not have to pay for housing out of pocket.

    Please apply or forward this e-mail to relevant STEM students or colleagues. The application is available here.

    Contact them at or 202-238-7734 if you would like to learn more about this transformative experience.


    2018 Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) Summer Internship Program - Deadline January 29, 2018

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) Summer Internship Program provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in projects at federal research facilities located across the country focused on helping DNDO meet its mission of “implementing domestic nuclear detection efforts for a managed and coordinated response to radiological and nuclear threats, as well as integration of federal nuclear forensics programs.” This program will prepare a diverse, highly talented, educated, and skilled pool of scientists and engineers to address issues related to national security and nuclear detection and to enhance the future scientific and technical workforce to be both knowledgeable and trained in fields of specific interest to DNDO.

    Undergraduate students receive a stipend of $600 per week for ten weeks plus reimbursement for travel expenses up to $1,000.

    Graduate students receive a stipend of $700 per week for ten weeks plus reimbursement for travel expenses up to $1,000.

    Research experiences are offered at: Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne, IL) ● Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA) ● Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA) ● Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos, NM) ● National Security Technologies – Remote Sensing Laboratory (Las Vegas, NV and Andrews AFB, MD) ● Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, TN) ●

    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland, WA) ● Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory (Menlo Park, CA)

    Areas of research: Engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, environmental science, and more.

    U.S. citizenship required

    Application deadline: January 29, 2018, at 8:00 AM EST

    How to Apply: Applications and supporting materials must be submitted at

    Program Information: Detailed information about the internships can be found at

    For information about DNDO visit

    For questions please email us at


    (Woods Hole) Science Internship Program Announced - Deadline February 16, 2018


    Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Summer School Program Now Accepting Applications- Summer 2018 - Deadline February 28, 2018

    NFUSS is a six-week course, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), designed to provide undergraduate students with comprehensive, experimental, hands-on training in topics essential to nuclear forensics. This program will be held June 11 to July 20, 2018, at the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City. Through laboratory experiments and complementary lectures, students are introduced to the practice and technical aspects of nuclear forensic science. The program will also include a field trip to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

    Nuclear forensics involves examining materials recovered from radiological and nuclear events of an illicit or hostile nature in order to determine their character and origin. Nuclear forensics conclusions, combined with information from law enforcement investigation and intelligence, help identify those responsible for planned and actual attacks.

    Nuclear forensics supports the U.S. Government commitment to identify and hold fully accountable any state or non-state actor that willfully supports, enables, or engages in hostile weapons of mass destruction activities that threaten the United States or our allies and partners. 

    Important Dates

    • Application deadline: February 28, 2018
    • Reference received deadline: March 9, 2018
    • Candidates notified of selection: March 1-30, 2018
    • Program dates: June 11 to July 20, 2018
    • Field trip to Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Tentative date of July 11, 2018

    If you have any questions, visit or contact


    Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program accepting applications - Deadline March 12, 2018

    The Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program offers scientists and engineers from a wide variety of disciplines unique opportunities to conduct research in a wide range of topics relevant to the Intelligence Community.

    The research is conducted by the postdocs, while working in partnership with a research advisor and collaborating with an advisor from the Intelligence Community. In partnership with the research advisor, the postdoc composes and submits a technical proposal that responds to a research opportunity identified at:

    Award Details: 

    • Annual stipends range from $75,000 to $79,000, depending on research location.
    • Annual travel budget of up to $6,000
    • Appointments for two years, and option to extend for a third year
    • Host institutions receive an annual laboratory budget of up to $5,000.
    • Research advisors receive a $10,000 stipend and an annual travel budget of up to $2,000.

    Postdoc Eligibility: U.S. citizenship required; Ph.D. received within five years of the application deadline

    Application Deadline: March 12, 2018

    For additional program information, please visit: