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Academic Forms

  • UMES Faculty: Please see the following list of Academic Forms provided by the Academic Affairs office for use with your daily course work and instruction. Most forms are provided in both Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe PDF (.pdf) versions for maximum accessibility. PDF versions may also be type-able. If you have any questions, please contact the UMES Office of Academic Affairs at 410.651.6508.

    All Forms Must Be Typed.

    Academic or Policy Form  Word  PDF 
     Academic Appointment Recommendation - Part Time  MSWord
    Academic Schedule Change Request  MSWord AdobePDF
    Additional Credit Unit Load Request  MSWord  
    Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form (Semester) eval  
    Alternative Credits Waiver Form eval  
    Application for Exception to Instructional Standard MSWord  
    Behavioral Assessment Team Information   AdobePDF
    Course Instruction of Faculty  MSWord AdobePDF
    Course Substitution Approval  Use online process
    in Hawkweb
    Course, Program, or Curriculum Status Proposal Form  MSWord  
    Credit by Exam (Example only.  The Credit By Examination form must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.)   AdobePDF
    Disruptive Behavior in Academic and Social Settings  MSWord AdobePDF
    Disruptive Student Incident Report (and Letter) MSWord  
    Faculty Evaluation Form MSWord  
    Faculty Teaching Load Form  MSWord
    Faculty Teaching Load Form - Completed Sample MSWord  

    USM Report on Faculty Workload form 

    Faculty Teaching Load Verification form - Fall MSWord  
    Faculty Teaching Load Verification form - Spring MSWord  
    Hiring Exception Form    AdobePDF
    Graduate Programs Proposals Addendum   AdobePDF
    Online Course Development - Request Form AdobePDF
    Low Enrollment Action Form word icon  
     Permission to Change University Catalog AdobePDF 
    Policy on Promotion and Tenure (Revised)   AdobePDF
    Promotion and Tenure  - Calendar of Key Dates   AdobePDF
    Promotion and Tenure  - Document Log MSWord  
    Request for Leave of Absence  MSWord AdobePDF
    Summer Programs Request Form  MSWord AdobePDF
    Teaching Excellence Awards Form MSWord  
    Teaching Excellence Awards Criteria   AdobePDF
    Withdrawal from the University Form    AdobePDF