Deans, Chairs, and Directors

  • At UMES, departments are grouped into Schools. A Dean heads each School. Listed below are the names of each School, along with the departments located within the School. The Dean for each School and the Chair or Acting/Interim Chair for each department are also listed.  You belong to the School in which your department is located.   

    Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


    Dr. Rondall E. Allen
    Acting Provost and Vice President 
    Academic Affairs
    (410) 651- 6143 


    Latasha Wade.2018

    Dr. Latasha Wade
    Interim Associate Vice President for
    Academic Operations and Strategic Initiatives
    Academic Affairs

    (410) 651- 6713

     Dr. LaKeisha Harris

    Dr. LaKeisha L. Harris
    Interim Associate Vice President for Research
    and Extended Education
    Academic Affairs
    (410) 651-7966



    Dr. Emmanuel T. Acquah
    International Development Programs
    (410) 651 - 6548

    nicole gale

    Dr. Nicole' L. Gale
    Upward Bound Program
    (410) 651 - 6458 



    Dr. Lombuso S. Khoza
    Interim Director
    Center for International Education
    (410) 651-8385 

    Dr. Michael E. Lane
    Richard A. Henson Honors Program
    (410) 621-3070


       Cathy Passeri   


    Mrs. Cathy Hanssens-Passeri
    Interim Director
    Center for Instructional Technology and Online Learning
    (410) 651- 8314


    School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

    Kairo Dr. Moses Kairo
    (410) 651- 6072
    Dr. Jurgen Schwarz
    Agriculture, Food, and Resource Sciences
    (410) 651- 6168   
    Grace_Namwamba__pp_06 Dr. Grace Namwamba
    Human Ecology
    (410) 651- 6065 
    sauder Dr. Deborah Sauder
    Natural Sciences
    (410) 651- 6014 

    School of Education, Social Sciences, and The Arts

     Dr_Marshall_Stevenson_02 Dr. Marshall F. Stevenson, Jr.
    Dean & Professor of History
    (410) 651-6083
     Christopher_Harrington_05 Mr. Christopher Harrington
    Fine Arts
    (410) 651- 6487 / 6488 
    _99e-joyce-bell-staff_pp Dr. Joyce Bell
    Interim Chair, Criminal Justice 
    Interim Chair, Social Sciences
    (410) 621-3361

     Dean Cooledge Dr. Dean Cooledge
    English and Modern Languages
    (410) 651- 6552
    geleta Dr. Nomsa Geleta
    (410) 651- 6220

    School of Business and Technology

    Dr. Kate Brown Dr. Kate Brown
    Interim Dean
    (410) 651- 6348     
    Leesa ThomasBanks  

    Mrs. Leesa P. Thomas-Banks
    Interim Chair
    Business Management and Accounting
    (410) 651- 6523 

     Yuanwei Jin Dr. Yuanwei Jin
    Interim Chair
    Engineering and Aviation Sciences
    (410) 651- 6365 
    boger Dr. Ernest Boger
    Hotel and Tourism Management
    (410) 651- 6563 
    johnson Dr. Robert Johnson
    Mathematics and Computer Science
    (410) 651- 6422     
      Dr. Kenny Fotouhi Dr. Kenny Fotouhi
    Interim Chair
    (410) 651- 6465 

    School of Pharmacy and Health Professions  

    Rondall Allen 2 Dr. Rondall Allen
    (410) 651- 8350  
    talley Dr. William Talley
    Rehabilitation Services
    (410) 651- 6261   
     Timothy Gladwell Dr. Timothy D. Gladwell 
    Associate Dean
    Pharmacy, Academic Affairs and Assessment
    (410) 651-8097 
    Jim_Bresette__pp_04 Dr. James L. Bresette
    Associate Dean 
    Pharmacy, Development and External Relations
    (410) 651-8372 
    Dr_Margarita_Treuth_11 Dr. Margarita Treuth
    (410) 651- 8141  
     hsia Dr. Victor Hsia
    Pharmaceutical Sciences
    purnell Dr. Miriam Purnell
    Interim Chair
    Pharmacy Practice and Administration
    (410) 621- 3777  
     Dr_Michael_Rabel_pp_03 Dr. Michael Rabel
    Physical Therapy
    (410) 651- 6465
    Bill-Harbester-Pharm Dr. William Harbester
    Assistant Dean
    Pharmacy, Experiential Education 
    (410) 651-6120
    Dr. Sean Vasaitis  Dr. T. Sean Vasaitis
    Interim Assistant Dean
    Pharmacy, Student Affairs
    (410) 621- 2121    

       Lana Sherr

    Dr. Lana Sherr
    Assistant Dean
    Pharmacy, Professional Affairs
    (410) 621-2288


                 School of Graduate Studies


       Dr. LaKeisha Harris 

     Dr. LaKeisha L. Harris
     Interim Dean
     (410) 651-7966

    Library Services  

    Mrs. Sharon Brooks
    Interim Dean
    (410) 651-6275