Access Procedures and Report Requests

  • Access to Hawkweb

    Faculty Access

    In order to obtain HAWKWeb access all new faculty or staff members’ supervisors should first complete the online New Employee IT Assessment form ( This will setup their network and email accounts. This form does not give you access to HAWKWeb. Once you have obtain an email address, please click the following link. Faculty/Staff HawkWeb Access 

    Student Access

    HAWKWeb access for students is provided online by going to

    Report and Program Requests

    Report requests are something our department receives and completes on a daily basis. If you need a report/program that is not already delivered in the HAWKWeb system a formal request can be made via email to the Director, Kenneth Gaston. Depending upon the report/program complexity determines when it will be available for use in the system.

    Label Requests

    The most common type of requests are faculty, staff or student labels. The labels can include a particular group of employees or students and a specific address type such as: home, campus or to the parents of. A request for student data must first be sent (can be via email) to the Cheryll Collier-Mills, Assistant Vice President of Student Life & Enrollment Management for approval. Any employee information requests must be sent (can also be via email) to the Human Resources Department for approval. In turn, the approved requests will be forwarded to the Administrative Computing Office’s Director to assign for completion within 1 week.