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Test-optional Policy & FAQ

  • The University of Maryland Eastern Shore was founded in 1886 as an institution of higher-learning to provide student-focused education and experiences. 

    View our official UMES Test-optional Press Release

    Q: What is test-optional?

    A: The term “test-optional” refers to an admissions process through which an institution does not utilize standardized test such as the SAT or ACT as evaluation criteria.

    Q: Why test-optional?

    A: There is growing body of research that explains that high school grade point average is the best predictor of success at the university level. The National Center for Fair and Open Testing reports that testing is not only a poor predictor, but also adversely impacts access to education for otherwise qualified aspiring students.

    Q: Does the “test-optional” policy apply to graduate school?

    A: No, the test-optional policy only applies to the undergraduate admissions process. For the admissions requirements for our graduate studies programs, visit

    Q: Who chooses not to submit test scores?

    A: A student may feel that their standardized test scores do not reflect their true abilities, and therefore, may choose not to submit their test scores. Students who are applying to our Richard A. Henson Honors Program or plan on participating in an intercollegiate NCAA sport must submit test scores. 
    The Office of Admissions & Recruitment will request test scores for data collection purposes but these scores will not impact admissions decisions.