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Non-Degree Seeking Students

  • Applicants who qualify for admission but do not desire to work toward a baccalaureate degree may be admitted as non-degree seeking (special) students. Special students who have received a baccalaureate degree are advised that no credit earned while enrolled as special students may be applied at a later date to a graduate program. These post-baccalaureate students may enroll in undergraduate courses for which they possess the necessary prerequisites, but may not enroll in courses restricted to graduate students only. Non-degree seeking (special) students who do not have a baccalaureate degree or an R.N. must submit transcripts and meet regular admission standards. Applicants who do not qualify for admissions but desire to take some skill courses may be admitted with the prior permission of the department head for such a course/courses as special students.

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    Application Deadline for Non-Degree Seeking Students:

    Fall- priority Fall Spring
    April 15 June 1 December 1