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Message From The Chair

  • The mission of the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Sciences is to provide students with an active learning environment that will prepare them to compete successfully in a global society. Graduates of our programs will be poised to make significant, positive contributions to the food and agricultural sciences, which is in keeping with the land-grant philosophy of learning, discovery, and engagement. Thus, it is our never-ending task to provide students with a nurturing environment that offers opportunities for discovery through experiential learning. Accomplishment of our task will result in graduates who have:

     skills in information management; 
     critical and analytical thinking skills necessary to integrate theory and real-world situations for making management decisions; 
     the ability to communicate effectively; and 
     the ability to compete in a highly technological, computer-information oriented, global society.


    Additionally, we strive to prepare students who can interact successfully in an ethnically diverse workforce that is comprised of people of socially and culturally diverse backgrounds.

    Goals & Objectives

    The goal of our academic programs is to provide the nation and the world with graduates who have attained intellectual and professional competencies. Graduates of the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Sciences will have received cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary training that will enable them to successfully integrate into any career related to the food and agricultural sciences. 

     To provide an interdisciplinary program in the mathematical, biological, physical and social sciences, and humanities to support individual areas of concentration in the food and agricultural sciences, including conservation and preservation of our natural resources  

     To prepare students to interpret and apply scientific principles and techniques in the ever-evolving food, agricultural, and environmental sciences, on a global basis  

     To promote civic responsibilities of our students, faculty, and staff through community interactions  

     To provide students with the applied information technology skills necessary to compete successfully in today's workforce.

    Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences Faculty & Staff