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    Aerial Imaging and Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture and Environmental Stewardship &
    Air-propelled Instrumented Robotic Sensory Platforms for Assateague Coastline Environmental Studies


    Remotely Operated Vehicle for Environmental Research
    A solid foam mono-hull with a large payload capacity, this platform was designed by Geoffrey Bland and Ted Miles of NASA for use by educators and researchers. Complete assembly instructions, diagrams and operations procedures are provided.


    Small Autonomous Monitoring Platform for Lakes and Estuaries
    This autonomous air-propelled vehicle was developed by UMES students at minimal cost. It placed 3rd at the 2013 ASME IDETC/CIE competition.


    Caution is a the next iteration of our robotic vehicles, a shallow draft catamaran designed to carry substantial payloads through waters with vegetation at or near the surface.