The Mission
The Music Program accepts as its mission the role of providing learning experiences for students who wish to pursue careers in elementary and/or secondary music education; providing performance opportunities through applied music study; providing foundational  development for graduate study; providing    instruction for students who do not desire music as a career but wish to develop skills and knowledge of music as an avocation.  The program also provides opportunities for students and members of the non-University community to experience a better quality of life through music exposure and study. Concerts, lectures, seminars, and workshops are presented to meet this aspect of our mission. Studies in the Music Program permit students to broaden their artistic perspective. Course offerings may be elected by non-majors who have met  prerequisites. To accomplish our mission, the Music Program advocates the following goals:

1) The program strives to meet the evolving music needs of students who reside in the State of Maryland and other locations.
2) The program offers a sufficient instructional core of music courses whereby graduates will be able to think logically, express themselves clearly about music, and make valuable   judgment about the arts.
3) The program encourages research, publication, and dissemination of original and arranged music works.
4) The department also serves as a forum for community musical enrichment.


Ella Fitzgerald Scholarship

Established by the renowned jazz vocalist, this scholarship is given only to music education majors.
Award: (variable, depending upon endowment interest)
Criteria: Available only to music education majors who demonstrate outstanding potential for advancement in the field. Selections are made by a music faculty committee. Audition required.

Music Performance Scholarships

Scholarships are in the amount of $2,000 per year ($1,000 per semester) for music students who participate either in the band or choir.
The requirements of the Performance Scholarship are 
1)  perform in two music organizations or one music  organization and study major applied music;
2)   maintain a  2.65 academic average  each semester of  enrollment.
3)   Auditions    required.
Contact: Department of Fine Arts for an application and audition date.

Student Employment Opportunities

There are opportunities for student to work part-time on the University campus under the fedral Work-Study Program while pursuing their degrees. On-campus employment in the music department is scheduled around student’s classes for the semester with limits on the number of hours a student may work per week. Monies for this program are awarded through the Federal Financial Aid program.