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Faculty Assembly

  • Faculty Assembly meets every second Tuesday of the month, at 11:00 am in the Library Auditorium

    Faculty are encouraged to attend all Faculty and FA Councilors' Meetings

    2019/2020 Faculty Assembly Officers

    Faculty Assembly Board

    Chair, Dr. Bryant Mitchell
    Chair Elect, Dr. Lombuso Khoza
    Secretary, Dr. Donna Satterlee
    Treasurer, Dr. William Chapin,
    Past Chair, Dr. Mark Williams
    Parliamentarian, Mr. Joseph Bree

    Faculty Assembly Councilors

    Dr. Willie Brown 
    Dr. Sungjae Hwang
    Ms. Beatrice Nelson
    Dr. Yeong-Nain Chi
    Dr. Byungrok Min
    Dr. Eric May
    Dr. Simon Zebelo