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Faculty Assembly

  • Faculty Assembly meets every third Tuesday of the month, at 11:00 am in the Library Auditorium

    Faculty are encouraged to attend all Faculty and FA Councilors' Meetings

    2017/2018 Faculty Assembly Officers

    Faculty Assembly Board

    Dr. LaKeisha Harris - Chair
    Dr. Mark Williams - Chair-Elect 
    Dr. Donna Satterlee - Secretary
    Mr. Joseph Bree - Parliamentarian
    Dr. Maryam Rahimi - Treasurer
    Dr. Bill Chapin - CUSF Rep
    Dr. Dean Cooledge - Immediate Past Chair

    Faculty Assembly Councilors

    Dr. Willie Brown 
    Dr. Sungjae Hwang
    Ms. Beatrice Nelson
    Dr. Yeong-Nain Chi
    Dr. Byungrok Min
    Dr. Eric May
    Dr. Simon Zebelo