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Dr. Dandeson Panda

  • dandeson panda image

    Associate Professor 

    Ph.D., Howard University

    2117-C Kiah Hall 
    Phone: 410-651-3379

    » Curriculum Vitae

    Dr. Dandeson D. Panda is a native of Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa. Dr. Panda is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business, Management and Accounting. He received a PhD in Organizational Communication Management from Howard University. His teaching responsibilities include Marketing and Business Ethics. He served as Chairman of the Department of Mass Communication, Department of Business Administration at Delaware State Univeristy. He has authored and co-authored a number of papers in referred journals relating to his field. His marketing colleagues and himself are working to improve the marketing curriculum by including International/Global Marketing and Marketing Research. He has attended both local and international conferences and presented a paper at the International Workshop Conference in Capetown, South Africa. He is a member of Epsilon Kai Lambda of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and a member of Sigma Beta Delta honor society. In addition, he is also a Nissan Fellow.

    Courses Taught

           » International Marketing
           » Principles of Marketing
           » Advertising Management 
          » Sales Management
          » Retail Management 
           » Consumer Behavior and Theory 

    Research Interests

           » Relationship Marketing in the Service Industry
           » Curltural diversity in the workforce
           » World Economic Development
          » Ethical Issues in the market place
           » Marketing Ethics


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