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Dr. Hwei (Wendy) C. Wang

  • wang image

    Associate Professor 

    D.B.A., Nova Southern University

    2112 Kiah Hall 
    Phone: 410-621-3079

    » Curriculum Vitae

    Dr. Hwei (Wendy) C. Wang, CPA joined the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in August 2010 as an Associate Professor in the Department of Business, Management and Accounting. Previously, Dr. Wang taught at Alabama A&M University from August 2005 to August 2010 as Assistant Professor of Accounting in the School of Business. She earned an MBA with dual majors in Professional Accounting and Finance from California State University at San Bernardino and DBA in Accounting from Nova Southeastern University. In business experiences, she worked in Chen Lam CPA firms. Her current research interests are centered on Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation, Corporate Diversification, Auditing, and Detecting Fraudulent Financial Reporting. Dr. Wang has six journal publications and ten of national, regional and international of American Accounting Association conference proceedings.

    Courses Taught 
           » Auditing
          » Accounting Information Systems
           » Federal Taxation
           » Cost Management
           » Intermediate Accounting
           » Priciple of Accounting
           » Financial Statement Analysis

    Research Interests 
         » Corporate Governance
           » Executive Compensation
           » Auditing
           » Earnings Management
           » Financial Distress
           » Detecting Fraudulent Financial Reporting 


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