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Dr. Mohammad Ali

  • aliAssociate Professor

    Ph.D., University of Florida

    2103 Kiah Hall
    Phone: 410-651-6213

    » Curriculum Vitae

    Dr. Mohammad Ali, born in Bangladesh, is a naturalized US citizen . He earned his Ph.D. and Master of Science degrees in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida , Gainesville, Florida . He also has an MBA and a Master of Arts in Economics both from the University of Dhaka , Bangladesh. He spent about 13 years in government service at the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh and also served the Central Bank of Bangladesh for more than 5 years. During the tenure of his service, he earned a Diploma in Banking and a two years’ duration Professional Degree Certificate in Advanced Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Management, Company & Industrial Law, Auditing and Government Accounting. 

    Courses Taught

         » Financial Management 
           » Management and Organizational Behavior 
           » International Business 
           » Production Management
           » Managerial Economics
           » Financial Institutions & Markets
           » Business Statistics I
           » Business Statistics II
           » Various other courses for departments outside BMA 

    Research Interests

           » International Trade and Business, Trade Liberalization & Globalization of Markets 
         » Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Management and Business Practices
           » Managerial Economics, Production & Cost Management and Business Decision
           » Global Competitiveness and Implication of Trade Policy and other Related Issues
           » Economic Impact of Pesticide Use in Agriculture : Agribusiness & Food Supply 
           » Economic Growth & Development for Business Environment 
           » Financial Institutions & Markets and Monetary Policy Implementation
          » Small Entrepreneurship, Microcredit/Microfinance and Social Business
           » Consumer Behavior, Market Principles, Welfare Economics and Business. 


    Sum, V., Ali, M., & Das, M. (2016). Can business confidence and consumer confidence jointly explain stock market returns? Evidence from panel data. Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management7, 1-7.

    Ali, M., R.L. Kilmer, T.H. Spreen and C.R. Pitta. “Modeling the Impact of not Using Copper in
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