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Dr. Nicole A. Buzzetto-Hollywood

  • Buzzetto-MoreProfessor

    Ed.D., Columbia University

    2109 Kiah Hall 
    Phone: 410-651-6498

    » Curriculum Vitae

    Originally from New York, New York, Dr. Nicole A. Buzzetto-Hollywood is a Professor of Management as well as the Business Education program coordinator, and Assurance of Learning coordinator in the Department of Business, Management, and Accounting at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She is also Director of the Maryland State Department of Education Program Affiliate for Business, Management, and Finance as well as co-Founder of the UMES Office of Instructional Technology. She is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Certified Microsoft Office Master. She received doctorate and masters degrees Columbia University and earned a post doctorate from Tulane University. She also earned a masters from the College of New Rochelle and a bachelors from Marist College. Dr. Buzzetto-Hollywood is a Fellow of the Informing Science Institute and is a frequent invited presenter at conferences across the globe; has authored numerous publications; and has been recognized with awards from the American Distance Education Consortium, Global Digital Business Association, In-SITE, and the Informing Science Institute. She is also on the editorial board of several journals.

    She has authored numerous publications in referred journals and won four best paper awards. She published two books in 2007, Principles of Effective Online Teaching and Advanced Principles of Effective ELearning. In 2010 her third book The E-Portfolio Paradigm: Informing, Educating, Assessing, and Managing with E-Portfolios was published by the Informing Science Press. She has also written nine book chapters, including chapters in the Cheal et al 2012 Transformation in Teaching: Social Media Strategies in Higher Education, Song and Kidd (2009) Handbook of Research on Human Performance and Instructional Technology, and Leaning (2008) Issues in Information and Media Literacy.

    Dr. Buzzetto-Hollywood serves on a number of committees, is active in several professional organizations, and maintains graduate faculty status. She currently splits her time between Maryland and Colorado.

    Courses Taught

           » Business Communications
           » Business Software Applications
          » Advanced Business Application Techniques
           » Business Ethics
           » Ethical, Economic, and Managerial Considerations of Information Systems
           » Office Management
           » Curriculum and Instruction in Business Education 

    Research Interests

           » The use of digital technologies to augment teaching and learning
           » Alternative assessment techniques including portfolio and e-portfolios
           » Diversity and equity in higher education
          » The history and evolution of technology
           » The impact of technology on human life, scholarship, and professional practice
           » Grit and perseverance
           » Management and Marketing
           » Hegemony and globalization 


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