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Dr. Rexford Abaidoo

  • abaidooAssociate Professor

    Ph.D., Jackson State University 

    2117-D Kiah Hall 
    Phone: 410-651-3380

    » Curriculum Vitae

    Dr. Rexford Abaidoo has PhD in Business Administration from Jackson State University; where he received the most excellent PhD candidate award. He earned his MBA from Kennesaw State University where he also emerged as the best MBA student. He received his undergraduate degree in Finance and Banking from the School of Business, University of Ghana. Dr. Abaidoo is a member of the American Economic Association.

    Courses Taught 
           » Corporate Finance
           » Business Software Applications
           » Business Statistics II
           » The Scientific Method in Business

    Research Interests 
          » International Finance and Economics
           » Economics of Renewable Energy
           » Business Condition Analysis
           » International Business Financing and Trade
           » Economic Growth and Development
           » International Competitiveness and Corporate Performance
           » Institutional Performance and Economic Activity
           » Managerial Economics
           » Financial Institutions, Economic Activity and Standard of Living

    Selected Publications [Refereed Journal Articles]       

    1. Abaidoo, R. (2017). Expectations, uncertainty and risk premium. Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 9(3), 338-352.

    2. Abaidoo, R. (2016). Macroeconomic uncertainty and global economic performance: A Compartive analysis of the economic contagion phenomenon. Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 8(4), 426-442.

    3. Abaidoo, R. (2016). Inflation Expectation, Economic Policy Ambiguity and Micro-Level Consumer Behavior. Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 8(3), 337-395.

    4. Abaidoo Rexford (2015) Inflation, Inflation Expectations and Investment Performance Volatility: Evaluating Potential Causal Interactions; International Journal of Economics and Finance; Vol 7, No 5.

    5. Abaidoo Rexford (2015) “Global” Productivity Trends, Consumption Expenditures and US Macroeconomic Conditions: A Verification of the “Contagion” Phenomenon. International Business Research; Vol 8, No. 5.

    6. Abaidoo Rexford (2014) Exchange Rate Volatility, Global Market Exposure and Operational Efficiency among US Commercial Banks. International Journal of Economics and Finance. Vol 6 (9). (2014) 

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      Expectations and Fiscal Policy Volatility; International Journal of Economics and Finance Vol 5(8).

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    18. Abaidoo . Rexford (2011). Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in an Emerging Economy: Augmented Granger Causality Approach. Research in Business and Economic Journal, Vol 4 (2011). 

    19. Abaidoo . Rexford (2010), If A Rational Consumer Could Choose His Own Utility Function, Would He Choose to “Go Green” ? Journal of Applied Business and Economics Vol 10(6) pg 44-57, (2010).