• FOCUS - Future Outstanding Cohort of University Students

    The FOCUS partnership is designed to assist students with addressing concerns that contributed to difficulties in academic performance, i.e., falling below the minimum 2.0 grade-point average. The partnership provides students with both individual attention, group support, class instruction, and encourages systematic problem solving to facilitate a full, rich, balanced academic experience. 

    ARSS 188 - Academic Retention and Success Strategies Course

    As a FOCUS student you will attend a mandatory Academic Retention and Success Strategies (ARSS 188) course which is designed to empower students who are not in good academic standing to attain success in their academic, personal, and professional lives.  This 7-week course, through established approaches of self-assessment, guided journaling, assignments and examinations will provide necessary tools for proficiency development in essential study skills of reading, note-taking, test-taking, time management, writing and other skills needed to ensure student success. Students will also gain an understanding of university policies, procedures and regulations.

    In an effort to bring you back to good academic standing, the Center for Access and Academic Success (CAAS) requires ARSS 188 students to register a mandatory FOCUS orientations by clicking the link below to select a Fall 2017 date once the semester begins:

    Also, if you have not already done so, it is imperative that you register and successfully complete the mandatory Academic Retention and Success Strategies ARSS 188 course this semester. It is important for you to understand that being on academic probation also jeopardizes your continued enrollment at UMES and likely will have an adverse impact on your financial aid; thus your financial aid could be suspended if your academic performance does not improve. Moreover, your matriculation toward graduation could be derailed if an immediate corrective course of action is not taken. It is our goal to assist you in identifying strategies that will enhance your academic standing and keep you on track to obtain your degree. All requirements below are strictly enforced and non-negotiable. Failure to comply with all requirements may result in dismissal from the University. Below are some course materials you will need for the class.

    ARSS 188 Course Materials:

    Form3                                             Form2                                   Form1                         Form1
    ARSS 188 Course Syllabus   Self Disclosure Form    Academic Improvement Plan
       FOCUS contract