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FYE Course

  • First Year Experience (FYE) Seminar Course

    Spring 2019

    Course Description

    First-Year Experience Seminar is designed to assist all new students with their pursuit of academic excellence and successful social and academic transition into the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to make a seamless transition from high school to college. Essential skills for transition will be explored and discussed. This course will assist students in developing cognitive skills and in adjusting personally and socially to the college environment. Additionally, this course will facilitate self-awareness, interpersonal communication and critical thinking skills. The students will establish a lasting connection to the university through valuable experiences in and out of the classroom. Required of all first year students.

    Required Text and Course Reading

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore (2017-2018). UMES First Year Experience: My Tools for Success. Littleton, MA. Tapestry Press, Ltd.: Purchase in the UMES Bookstore by the end of the first week of classes.

    Supplementary Materials:

    • University of Maryland Eastern Shore Student Affairs Handbook
    • University of Maryland Eastern Shore Undergraduate Catalog (2013-15)

    Course Structure

    The course is organized to achieve the learning objectives stated in this syllabus. The subject matter is presented through a series of instructional modules that require students to read about, discuss, and do research on a range of topics and issues. The course will incorporate active learning techniques, and will include a variety of out-of-class and co-curricular requirements which contribute to a meaningful first-year experience.

    Course Objective

    The course is designed to:

    1. To acquaint students with the history, mission and organizational structure of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and the names of key contact personnel in key positions.
    2. To expose students to methods of time management and organizational skills.
    3. To provide the opportunity for students to understand and apply techniques for formulating curriculum and career goals, and additional academic pursuits.
    4. To provide students with specifics test taking and study skills.
    5. To inform students about institutional processes: i.e. registration, drop and add, advisement, the correct procedures for grievances and complaints, judicial process, and financial aid.
    6. To develop conflict resolution skills and to develop competencies necessary for coping with changing social environment.
    7. To provide the opportunity for students to explore various cultures and multi-cultural perspectives and diversity.
    8. Orient students to the profession through a look at past history, present status, future perspectives, and exploration of careers in the field.
    9. Help students develop a sense of professionalism.
    10. To help students develop critical thinking, communication (both orally and written) and interpersonal skills.

    For questions in reference to your specific FYE Seminar course section: Contact your instructor directly.