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  • The goal of the activities of the international students is to promote cross-cultural awareness and the value of diversity.

    The major activities are:

    Flags of Nations’ Parades:

    This activity provides opportunity for International Students to utilize individual respective country flags for parades at the University’s Commencements, Founders’ Day Convocations and other special occasions. During this activity, international students are also able to dress up and model in their respective cultural flags attires.

    International Students parading with their respective country flags

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    International Education Week Feast:

    Ethnic Festival is an activity that occurs in the fall during the International Education Week. The International Education Week is a joint initiative of the U.S. Departments of Education and State whereby the highlights of benefits and value of a high quality education and study abroad are celebrated.  The UMES participates in this celebration with Ethnic Festival, organized by the International Students who have the opportunity to prepare authentic foods from their respective countries for sampling by the community, show case their cultural attires by wearing and modeling in them and provide tables of cultural exhibits to represent their respective countries.  Additionally, cultural dancing that reflects respective countries is also demonstrated. What an opportunity for cross-cultural learning of the uniqueness and similarities of cultures!!!


    Ghanaian Shish Kebab

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    Guest Speakers:

     Dr. Brian Stiegler, the Director for International Education at Salisbury University, discussed all aspects of faculty-led study abroad from the teaching and learning process involved to the administrative structure required to support it. Below is a PowerPoint link summarizing some of the information that was presented.



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    Sponsoring Cultural Troupe Performances:

    This approach provides the opportunity to bring in an external group whose focus is on cultural performances to enhance people’s knowledge of diversity, culture, and increase cross-cultural awareness.


    Toby Foyeh Crew with Dr. Khoza

    James of Toby Foyeh dance group in Action 

    James of Toby Foyeh dance group in Action. 

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    Show Cases of Countries Being Represented On Campus:

    This activity provides opportunities for individual or group of students from a country to enlighten the community about the historical, geographical, and cultural aspects of the respective country of origin.


    Taj Mahal (Indian Dome)

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    International Student Clubs’/Associations’ Activities:

    The International Students have the opportunity to establish interest group organizations such as  African Student Association(ASA), Caribbean International Club(CIC),Sudanese Student Association(SSA). Each group develops its own cultural Educational Activities including table exhibitions, sale of authentic foods and annual formal dance and activities whereby the community is invited to attend and enjoy the cultural shows and activities.


    African Student Association (ASA) in Action

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    Flags and Parades:

    This activity involves students from different nationality, taking on the position of a Flag bearer for the Center Of International at various ceremony and events to represent all the diverse countries and cultures that are present at the university.

    Flag bearers 3

    Flag bearers preparing to carry their Flags for the Spring 2017 Commencement

    Flag bearers

    Flag bearers on their way into the Ceremony hall for 2017 Spring Commencement