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  • The mission of the Office for International Student Services (OISS) is to support and enhance the international students’ academics, cultural, and social interaction at UMES. OISS also strives to the following:

    • Serve as the primary link between the international students and the university, community, federal government, and public and private agencies.

    • Promote a positive and symbiotic cross-cultural environment through international education and exchange.

    Because of its multifunctional role, OISS serves as UMES’ focus for providing information, assistance and consultation on concerns and matters pertaining not only to international students but to faculty and staff as well. OISS intends to serve as the “gateway to the world” through the international and cross-cultural education programs that UMES provides to the university and the outside community. OISS is the pivot for international student involvement from all over the world to make their stays at UMES and in the USA positive, enriching, and fulfilling.

    The role of advising and support in students’ lives at UMES plays a very rich pivotal role in their academic success. Advising and supporting include counseling, referral, financial concerns, and understanding personal and academic matters. This OISS advises students regarding their responsibilities and options under the regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Advice includes matters such as extensions of stay, transfer of programs or schools, maintaining or applying for reinstatement of student status, and work permits. The OISS maintains interaction with administration units at UMES, Governmental organizations, and other agencies. The administrative relationships at UMES include those with Division of Administrative Affairs (Offices of Administrative Computing, Auxiliary Enterprises, Comptroller, Financial Aid, Human Resource, Information Technology, and Public Safety), Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (Offices of Admissions and Recruitment, Center for Access and Academic Success, Career Services, Student Health Center, Counseling, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student with Disability Services etc.), and Division of Academic Affairs (Schools and Departments, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs).