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FAQs For Students

  • Q. How do I go about getting accommodations made for me in my courses? 

    A. Follow this link: UMES Accommodation Request




    Q. How can I keep my Word document from changing formatting when submitting assignments?

    A. Blackboard workaround suggests embedding fonts into Word document when saving and submitting.


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    Q. I can not get my camera to work in LockDown Browser, what should I do?

    A. Respondus now has a live chat support feature for students during the set up stage of taking an exam.


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    Q. Can I use Respondus LockDown Browser on my Chromebook or iPad?

    A. No, Respondus LockDown Browser is not compatible with Chromebook. LockDown Browser can be used with an iPad.





    Q. I can't get into my quiz using Respondus LockDown Browser.

    A. If this is the first time you are using Respondus in your class, please let the instructor know.They may need to do an update.


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    Q. Why can't I login to my Collaborate class?

    A. Your class sessions are only open to students on the scheduled date and time your instructor sets them to take place.


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    Q. I changed my courses in Hawk Web, why are they not changed in Blackboard?

    A. Once enrollments are changed in Hawk Web, allow at least 24 hours for the changes to appear in Blackboard.


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    Q. How do I access my Collaborate class session?

    A. Log into Blackboard through the MyUMES portal. Navigate to your course. In the course menu below Discussions there is a Collaborate Ultra link.

    When you click on the link your available class sessions will open in the area to the right.


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    Q. How can I see the discussion threads in the discussion forum?

    A. Toward the right of the page click the Display button and select Show all.


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    Q. I do not have the Submit button available for my test question, how do I make it visible?

    A. Make sure you are using Google Chrome and not Internet explorer. Also make sure your screen is maximized.


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    Q. I registered for a course but it is not showing up in Blackboard.

    A. Verify that you see the course on your roster in Hawk Web. Wait 24 hours after registering. If it is still not showing up open a helpdesk ticket.


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    Q. I would like to Audit a course, how do I get enrolled into that course in Blackboard?

    A. Students who are auditing a course must be added to Hawk Web first. Once added to Hawk Web, automatically populates to Blackboard within 24 hours.


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    Q. I am a Grad Student who is a Teaching Assistant for a course. How do I get enrolled into Blackboard?

    A. Students who are teaching assistants within a course must be added to Hawk Web first. Once added to Hawk Web, automatically populates to Blackboard within 24 hours.


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    Q. Does Respondus LockDown browser with the "web cam use requirement" work on a cell phone?  

    A. No. The only mobile device that can use the LockDown Browser is an iPad.



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