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Land Use and Climate variability: Effects on Nutrient Dynamics in the Coastal Waters 



Eric May (UMES)
Ali Ishaque (UMES)
Albert Chi (UMES)
Uche Udeochu (UMES)
Tracie Bishop (UMES)


ejiro ysi



 The goal of this project is to monitor and model spatial patterns in land use, precipitation, and stream discharge, and examine their effects on water quality, particularly nutrient dynamics in the Coastal Bays.

1) Analyze land use and land cover data for the Coastal Bays and compare them to historical data,

2) Examine the spatio-temporal patterns in water quality and nutrients in the Coastal Bays using data that will be collected in this study and historic water quality data collected since the late 1970s by the National Park Service,

3) Collect current and historic data (since the late 1970s) on precipitation and river discharge and relate them to land use and spatio-temporal changes in water quality and climatic variables in the Coastal Bays,

4) Develop and validate empirical models and algorithms for predicting nutrient dynamics in the Coastal Bays as a function of climate variability. The project will enhance our understanding of nutrient dynamics and effects in the coastal bays of Maryland. 

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