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Focus 2 Career and Education Planning Solutions


    Do you want to know? "What You Can Do With Your Major"? 

    Focus II, is a software for students to assess work interest, personality, values, skills and career planning readiness. You will began uncovering and investing career and major options. You will be asked questions related to things already familiar to you such as your personality, life preferences, and more. After 30-40 minutes, you will be provided a customized list of possible career aspirations. The results of this Self-Assessment tool will effectively match your college major at the University to over 1200 prospective occupations. Academic Advisers can utilize this information to assist you with with selecting a major offered at the University and assist with identifying your career choices.

    A deeper understanding of yourself will provide you with the confidence you need to make more informed decisions about your career choices, while attending the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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    • Career Exploration & Decision Making
      Students' assessment results matched to career options and supporting majors/programs at your college. Over 1000 occupations with up-to-date, detailed information. Tools for First Year Experience programs.

    • Career Planning Readiness FOCUS 2 CAREER assesses students' involvement in the career planning process and introduces activities that support career and education decision-making.
    • Self- Assessments Reliable and valid research based assessments. Students' assessment results are matched to occupations and supporting majors at your college. Interests matched directly to your college's major.

    • Career Exploration Exploratory tools include "What Can I Do With A Major In.... Offered At Your College? Search by Job Family, Industry and more."

    • Take Action Plan Students create a road map of their academic and career development activities.

    • Career Portfolio Summarizes students' assessment results with their preferred majors and occupations, and personal comments/rankings, goals and achievements.
    • Real Time Student Results
      Dynamic administrative website with detailed user results, powerful aggregate usage reports, multiple administrators, and many customizing options.