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Interfolio at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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    University of Maryland Eastern Shore Students

     Alumni and Job Candidates:

    Make sure you have the best way to manage your Application Materials!

    Interfolio, the premier application portfolio management service, is now available to the students of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore! Interfolio is the easiest and most affordable way for students and job applicants to send application materials to further education or to search committees.

    Interfolio's online system allows you to build an online career portfolio - a complete file of all your credentials. Nearly any document can be stored, including, but not limited to:

    Confidential letters of recommendation
    Curriculum Vitae
    Writing samples
    Dissertation abstracts
    Teaching Portfolio documents

    Benefits of using Interfolio:

    Build a portfolio of all your important documents. Ask writers for letters of recommendation or add non-confidential documents yourself.  250 MB of storage is included.

    Convenient and customized deliveries: Interfolio allows you to deliver any document anywhere in the world in one complete, professional package.  Interfolio allows you to specify the order in which your materials are packaged so your presentation is powerful and persuasive.  

    Self-managed files: With Interfolio, you have complete control of your portfolio. You don't have to rely on others to make decisions about what documents are delivered on your behalf.  You have the power to send paper or electronic deliveries, depending on the demands of the institution.  Letters electronically uploaded by recommenders become available immediately.

    Lightning-fast delivery: We send every delivery - paper or electronic- within one business day of your request. If you need to meet a deadline, we can send express deliveries the same day (as long as you make the request by 2 PM EST).

    24/7 access: With our web-based system you can manage your portfolio whenever and wherever you want.  You won’t have to wait for an administrator to check the status of your file. 

    Cost: Interfolio offers a variety of delivery methods, including electronic, paper and direct to URL.   All options and pricing can be found at

    Interfolio charges the following annual account fees for membership:

    5 Year Account plus 3 first-class USPS mailings (50% discount) - $57.00
    3 Year Account (30% Discount) - $39.90
    1 Year Account - $19.00

    To Create an Account:

    It takes just two minutes to create an Interfolio account and begin building your portfolio immediately.  

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