University of Maryland Eastern Shore Executive Corporate Cluster

  • Partnership for Excellence and a World of Opportunities

    Welcome to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Corporate Cluster.  Come capture the Pride of the Hawk as we partnership for excellence and a world of opportunities.  The purpose of the UMES Corporate Cluster is to provide cutting edge programs and experiences.

    The goal is to continue enhancing the skills of graduates, so they can successfully compete in the workforce.  The UMES Corporate Cluster combines the employer resources with the expertise of faculty and programs.  This will result in the selection of trained and qualified students who meet the needs of corporations and businesses.

    Benefits to the Corporations:

    • To have access to a diverse population of students, faculty and administrators
    • To gain access to the expertise of faculty  and administrators for the purpose of contributing to the company’s training, employment and research needs;
    • To strengthen its commitment to higher education;
    • To network and establish effective communications with the various University departments and personnel and;
    • To provide opportunities to acquire funds to conduct joint research and venture in current technology.

    Benefits to the University:

    • To increase the faculty, administrators and student opportunity to gain experience and knowledge about the workplace;
    • To acquire assistance in ensuring its status of being in the forefront in offering innovative initiatives, programs and services;
    • To gain exposure and a presence within the corporate world; and:
    • To be a change agent to contribute to the needs of an ever-changing, complex, global society.

    Benefits to the Student:

    • To have access to internships, employment, research and scholarships;
    • To focus attention on the ability to make efficient career choices;
    • To strengthen professional knowledge, skills and abilities by gaining exposure to national and international corporations;

    Partnership for Excellence and a World of Opportunities:  The University of Maryland Eastern Shore Corporate Cluster was developed for the institution and its students.  We welcome all corporations, government agencies, organizations and academic institution. For additional information, please contact the Office of Career Services at (410) 651-6447.