International Students

  • International candidates for graduation who have family members that require an invitation letter to support family members’ must obtain visitor’s visas to attend Commencement ceremony. Students should contact Dr. Lombuso Khoza at (410) 651-8385 and complete a "Request for Invitation letter". The letter from the University is prepared for the student making the request who will be responsible for delivering the letter to their family members. Please allow three weeks for the letter to reach addresses outside the U.S. Please note that when requesting your invitation letter you must include a copy of your letter of candidacy for graduation.

    The following information must be included on the request for invitation letter form:

    • graduate's name

    • graduate's local mailing address

    • graduate's degree being earned; school/department

    • graduate’s parents/family member names, relationships and mailing address accompany with a copy of your letter of candidacy for graduation.