Student Commentary Application

  • About the Student Speaker  
    Each commencement exercise (winter and spring), one student is awarded the honor of representing the graduating class and delivering the student commentary. During commencement exercises, the student commentator will be seated with the class in full academic regalia and brought to the stage to address those in attendance.  

    Commencement Schedule  
    Commencement exercises are generally held on the third Fridays, in December and May in the Dr. William P. Hytche Center. One student will be chosen for each exercise.

    The Student Commencement Commentary  
    The content of the commentary should be relevant, uplifting and memorable for the students and guests at the commencement exercises. The commentary should be sincere and relevant to the graduating class and university, but the overall message should be universal and relatable.

    Criteria for Eligibility  
    To be eligible for selection as the student commentator, candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications. 

    • Candidate must be graduating senior, cleared by the Office of the Registrar during the semester they make application to deliver the commencement commentary.
    • Candidate must be in good academic standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
    • Candidate must demonstrate the ability to deliver a commentary to a large audience.
    • Candidate must give evidence demonstrating campus engagement and or service.

    Application Process  
    To be considered for selection as the student commencement commentator, candidates must submit the following.

    • Complete application
    • Typed, outline of your proposed speech (the final speech should not be longer than five minutes in length)
    • Three letters of recommendation, one from an active member of the UMES faculty and two from members of the graduating class, who have made application to graduate
    • A current copy of your resume including
      • Academic accomplishments, involvement or recognition/ honors
      • Involvement in student organizations, committees or boards
      • Scholarships/awards, volunteer work and unique student opportunities 


      Download the application by clicking the link below:

      Student Commentary Application SP 2019

      *The deadline for application submission is April 5th for Spring Commencement.