Visitor Accessibility

  • Disability Access and Seating
    Limited seating will be available for people with disabilities, or in need of assisted seating. No more than one additional guest may be seated in the area reserved for people with disabilities. Candidates with guest needing assisted seating should contact, Dr. Dorling Joseph in the Office of Disability Services (410) 651-3446, at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.

    Transporting the Mobility-impaired
    Handicapped parking near the William P. Hytche Athletic Center is limited. Persons transporting mobility-impaired visitors may use Student Center Lane, behind the Hytche Athletic Center to drop off passengers. Drivers will be asked to park their vehicles in a general parking area after dropping off their passengers. For visitors who park in handicapped spaces, please be sure to bring, and display your personal State Handicapped Parking Tag or verification. This tag or tag verification will allow you to park in an available handicapped space on campus.

    Emergency Services
    A special Aid Station will be located at the east end of the corridor in the William P. Hytche Athletic Center. Ushers and safety personnel will be able to direct you to the Aid Station.  

    Alternate Viewing Location
    In the event the William P. Hytche Athletic Center reaches capacity, and/or the doors have closed to the public (9:45 am), guest will be directed to the Student Services Center Theatre, where they will be able to watch the ceremony via closed circuit.