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WMSHP Teaching Certificate Program

  • The Teaching Certificate Program has a "mission to prepare pharmacy residents for competitive career placement, while enhancing residents’ application of educational principles and practical skills for effective didactic and clinical teaching". It is a collaborative effort coordinated by the Washington Metropolitan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (WMSHP) since 2013. 

    The program is conducted by faculty, residency directors, and residency coordinators from multiple residency programs in the region, such as Howard University College of Pharmacy, Howard University Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Pfizer. Participation in the WMSHP Teaching Certificate Program will prepare residents with the essential skills needed to embrace various aspects of teaching as a clinician, including planning and executing didactic and experiential learning activities. Residents will hone their leadership expertise while reaffirming their role in public health. Mentorship coupled with ongoing feedback on teaching and research projects from faculty and residency preceptors are added benefits of the WMSHP Teaching Certificate Program.

    As part of the program, residents will attend regular seminars. Topics for the seminars include:

    • Teaching philosophy
    • Teaching portfolio
    • Writing learning objectives and exam questions
    • Preceptor Development: Giving Effective Feedback
    • Continuing professional development and learning styles
    • Communication skills and leadership development
    • Biostatistics and journal club
    • Statement of Research/Scholarship
    • Career opportunities in academia and clinical teaching