Billing Responsiblities

  • It is imperative to understand your billing responsibilities and student account obligations with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Please remember that you have 24-hour online access to your account details located on the Student Center.

    • If you register for a course, charges are incurred and you must meet payment deadlines.
    • If payment is not received in full by the payment due date, you may be subject to dis-enrollment procedures.
    • An overdue balance may cause you to lose eligibility for services, such as future registration, transcripts and diplomas.
    • Unpaid accounts are subject to collection procedures. Accounts that are past due may be referred to the State Central Collection Unit. 

                         State Central Collection Unit


    • If you are no longer interested in taking a course, you must officially drop or withdraw from the course. Drops and withdraws are prorated, depending on the number of days passed since the course start date.
    • Keep your contact information updated in order to receive all communications regarding billing.
    • You are responsible for all debts incurred, regardless of whether or not an e-bill is received or payment is to be made by a third party.