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Conduct Philosophy

  • The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) is a community of scholars where students are held accountable for their actions. 

    • As individuals, they enjoy basic rights; as members of our community, they also accept certain responsibilities. 
    • UMES is a place where the free exchange of ideas is valued, where every person is important, and diversity is respected.

    Members of the UMES community (students, faculty, administrators, and staff) have come together in a voluntary association, not merely to fulfill individual responsibilities, but to contribute to the realization of the University's objectives and mission.  Therefore; in the interest of maintaining order (in the University community) within the broadest range of student freedom, these rules and regulations have been established by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to govern student conduct, on and off campus.

                The University's conduct process is designed to address:

    • Students' behavior;
    • Create a welcoming campus environment;
    • Enforce university policies and procedures;
    • Student related issues (e.g., student v. student and faculty v. student complaints); and
    • Any behavior that is abusive, disruptive, threatening, or discriminating.

    The University's conduct process is an educational tool with two main objectives: to hold students accountable for unacceptable behavior and to modify those behaviors deemed unacceptable by University community standards.  The process strives to address unacceptable behavior in a manner that informs and guides students towards a greater sense of personal responsibility and towards more mature and ethical standards. 

    It is expected that students will act at all times (on campus and off-campus) in a manner that reflects favorably upon themselves, their families, and the University.  Should a student's behavior be found unacceptable by the Conduct Board, depending on the nature of the violation, sanctions may include: a warning, placed on probation, suspension or expulsion from the University. 

    The UMES Conduct System is designed to assure due process, with the speedy and constructive resolution of cases and controversies.  Disciplinary proceedings at UMES are not criminal proceedings; therefore, the focus of inquiry in disciplinary proceedings shall be to determine wither a student(s) has violated the University Student Code of Conduct.  It is intended that this conduct system, will operate on the principle that truth will best be served by promoting the development of self-knowledge and self-discipline, expressed in socially desirable ways, rather than harmful, destructive or immature attitudes or behaviors.  A humanistic approach to inappropriate conduct is employed.

    An educational Student Code of Conduct outlines rules and regulations relative to student conduct and housing, and is applicable to all students (on and off campus), as well as registered student and Greek-letter organizations. 

    The authority to administer the Student Code of Conduct and its conduct system is delegated to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.  The Conduct Board adjudicates disputes over complaints of violations of these rules and regulations.