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Our Vision

  • To ensure that the Office of Student Conduct Affairs provides quality service to our students, our vision is to:

    • Proactively assess and respond (through adjudication) to the extensive range of student misconduct while observing fundamental fairness, social justice and due process of student rights;
    • To ensure that students, faculty and staff are aware of University policies and procedures, in particular the  Student Code of Conduct for maintaining a positive and productive living-learning environment; and
    • Assessing our effectiveness by promoting a customer service friendly environment, that gives priority to the individual student and providing sanctions that allow for student growth and development when applicable.

    With an increasing diverse student population, which includes gender, race, age, and personal identification choices, we realize the need for a well-trained and experience staff. The Conduct Administrator and Assistant Conduct Administrator stays abreast of institutional trends and standards by, reviewing of current publications in the field of student conduct affairs, attending workshops and conferences pertaining to the field, observing student developmental theories and best practices, and continued research of the legal aspects of higher education and administration.