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Student Satisfaction Survey


    College Classification
    Previous Experience with Counseling:
    How many counseling sessions did you attend at UMES?
    Indicate your reason(s) for seeking counseling. You may choose one, two or all three, as appropriate
    DIRECTIONS: Indicate the extent to which you AGREE or DISAGREE with each statement below: 
    I found my initial contact with Counseling Services Satisfactory   
    I felt comfortable in the waiting area   
    Front desk personnel was courteous and helpful   
    Appointment and scheduling procedures were clearly communicated.   
    I felt Counseling Services responded to my needs in a timely manner.   
    I felt that my counselor respected me as a person.   
    My counselor helped me to clarify the nature of my concerns.    
    I was encouraged by my counselor to make my own decisions.   
    My counselor helped me to develop better ways of coping with my concerns   
    I would refer my friends to Counseling Services   
    I would recommend my counselor to other students   
    I would return for counseling if I felt the need.   
    Overall, my counseling was effective.   
    I am better prepared now to work through future problems on my own.   
    My experience at Counseling Services has positively affected the chances that I will stay in college.    
    I regard Counseling Services as a necessary part of the University.   
    Counseling has helped me to be more successful in school.   
    Please rate the overall level of distress that brought you to counseling
    Please rate the overall level of that same distress at the time you stopped counseling
    How could we improve Counseling Services? 
    Additional Comments: