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Current Projects

  • Kite Aerial Imaging

    The "Agriculture and Environmental Research Observation Kite and Advanced Tether Systems" (AEROKATS) project has been created to explore new techniques in airborne remote sensing. A primary objective is to create an easy-to-field TwinCam camera system that incorporates low-cost visible and near-infrared video cameras to aid in crop analysis. Additionally, we hope to gain experience with kite-based systems for airborne observations under a variety of wind conditions, and with other instrument systems. Students and faculty will participate in the preparation and operation of these kite-based systems, as well as data acquisition and analysis activities. This project is a key element in the UMES/NASA partnership to develop novel and cost-effective monitoring and measurement systems for Earth science.

    ecpa pic 5
    Team Members with one of the Kite aerial platforms

    ecpa pic 6
    Sample NIR imagery taken from one of the Kits