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ECPA Course Description

  • University of Marylan Eastern Shore

    Department of Agriculture,

    AGNR 488a/688a

    Advanced Technologies in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

    (Collaborative course open to all STEM majors with Senior and Graduate Standing in School of

    Business and Technology and School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences)

    Advanced Technologies in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is a 3 Credit hour course which  introduces students to Computer  applications  involving geospatial  information  technology, Precision  Crop Management, Plant nutrients, Soil Fertility and Soil Sampling, Yield  Monitoring and Mapping,  Remote Sensing, Geolocated  information  gathering, and Environmental Stewardship and monitoring.


    Precision Agriculture, Terry Brase, Copyright © 2006 Thomson Delmar Learning

    Supplemented by technical articles compiled by the instructors and internet resources.

    Team Taught:

    Abhijit Nagchaudhuri, Professor, Engineering and Aviation Science

    Lurline Marsh, Professor, Department of Agriculture

    Madhumi Mitra, Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Sciences

    Tracie Earle, GIS Program Coordinator


    Guest Lecturers (USDA: Craig Daughtry, NASA: Geoff Bland, Farmsite: Scott Quinn)

    Field Demonstration/Lecture: Earl Canter assisted by Hazel Russell and Tony Holden


    Senior/ Graduate standing in STEM majors or permission of instructors

    Course Objectives:

    1. Provide students with an overview of the field of “Precision Agriculture” and its impact on

        yield enhancement and environmental stewardship.

    2. Provide   students   with  field  demonstration  of   intelligent  device  implements  used  in        

        precision agriculture, remote sensing and environmental stewardship.

    3. Provide students with appropriate training in laboratory and field environment so  that they     

        are  familiar  and  can use  appropriate  geospatial  information   technology, and computer   

        software such as ArcGIS 9.0, Matlab Image Processing /  Matlab  Mapping  Toolbox, SMS

        advanced  etc., to analyze  and  interpret  vector and  raster  data  that are generated in field     

        studies   associated   with  field    studies    in   “Precision  Agriculture  and  Environmental


    4. Involve  students  in   project   based   learning ,   teamwork,   project   report   writing  and

        presentation  to promote experiential learning with particular emphasis in impacting

        their  ability  to work in teams, project planning and execution, and communication


    Sample Course Structure and Topics

    • Hands on demonstration of GPS and introduction to GIS
    • Environment and Agriculture
    • Soil Chemistry / Soil testing/ Grid  Mapping
    • Yield Monitor/ Yield Monitoring
    • Nutrient Management and Variable Rate Applicator
    • Remote Sensing in Environmental Sciences and Agriculture
    • GIS /Mapping in Precision Agriculture and  Environmental Sciences (ARCGIS 9.0, SMS Advanced

    ecpa pic 17 

    Overview of Precision Agriculture

    ecpa pic 18

    Mosaicking of Kite Aerial Imagery for use in Crop Analysis

    ecpa pic 19

    Spatial Interpolation of Water Quality Data using ArcGIS