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    Zynx X20 Spreader Controller

    The x20 is a controller for multiple purposes covering equipment guidance, steering assistance, spraying, seeding, planting, fertilizing, spreading, and incorporating auto section and variable rate control.

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    Ag Leader Yield Monitor

    The PF Advantage Yield Monitor is used in conjunction with the instrumented combine to created yield maps of the grain harvests.

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    Ecolab Water Nutrient Analyzer

    Ecolab is a robotic nutrient analyzer that measures Phosphate, Nitrate, and Silicate in water samples at the deployment site in the river. This allows us to measure changes in nutrient content of the agricultural run off.

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    YSI 6600 Monitor

    The YSI unit is used to measure dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, temperature, chlorophyll, and Conductivity.

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    LAI 2000 Leaf Area Index (LAI )Meter

    The LAI 2000 leaf area index (LAI) meter is used to measure leaf area in a non-destructive manner.

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    Spad 502 Leaf Chlorophyll Meter

    The SPAD 502 Chlorophyll Meter instantly measures the amount of chlorophyll content in a leaf; a key indicator of plant health.