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English Proficiency Examination (EPE)


    • Students must register for the EPE, ENGL 001, concurrently with ENGL 102:  Basic Composition II.  
    • Transfer students with credit for ENGL 102 should register for the EPE, ENGL 001, the first semester at UMES.  It is very important for students to fulfill this requirement as early as possible in their college careers.
    • ENGL 001, the EPE, is a prerequisite for ENGL 203, ENGL 305, and ENGL 310.
    • All students registered for the EPE are in a Blackboard class, where the information below and additional information is available. 
    • Click here for the EPE Handout Spring 2020.  

    Spring 2020 ENGL 001: EPE is Cancelled; Pre-Register for Fall 2020 ENGL 001: EPE

    The English Proficiency Exam (EPE) is a College Board exam that must be given face-to-face under the supervision of a certified proctor.  Therefore, we cannot give the EPE this semester.  We plan to test you in Fall 2020.  Here are some relevant points:

    • Please add ENGL 001 to your Fall 2020 schedule while you are pre-registering.  If you pre-registered yesterday, you can still add ENGL 001 today: pre-registration remains open unlike in prior years. You have until the end of April to do this, but please do it as soon as possible.
    • Because you are currently registered for ENGL 001, you will be able to register for the next English course in your sequence:  usually ENGL 203, but, possibly, ENGL 305/310.  Again, you have until the end of April to do this.  If you register for ENGL 203, you will take the EPE during exam week of Fall 2020: our usual testing time.  If you register for ENGL 305/310, I will be contacting you at the very beginning of the Fall 2020 semester to come to the Writing Center during the first 3 days of the Fall 2020 semester to take the EPE.  We need to make sure you can pass the EPE to let you remain in ENGL 305/310.  Please plan to allow time to take the EPE during those days.  I will give you plenty of time flexibility.
    • If you are in ENGL 102, your final grade will not include the EPE.  Your ENGL 102 class will conclude with the “practice EPE” that is worth 100 points, and your ENGL 102 grade will be based on your course assignments with no final exam.   
    • Around May 1, the Registrar’s Office will remove your Spring 2020 EPE registration.  You will not receive a “W”; you will just be removed from ENGL 001.
    • There is no cost to the student for the EPE, so this does not affect you financially.  And the EPE is a zero-credit "class," so this does not affect your credit load for Fall 2020. 

    If you have questions, you may email me:  Dr. Terry Kundell, Coordinator of the English Proficiency Exam:

    Dr. Terry Kundell, EPE Coordinator

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