English Proficiency Examination (EPE)


    • Students must register for the EPE, ENGL 001, concurrently with ENGL 102:  Basic Composition II.  
    • Transfer students with credit for ENGL 102 should register for the EPE, ENGL 001, the first semester at UMES.  It is very important for students to fulfill this requirement as early as possible in their college careers.
    • ENGL 001, the EPE, is a prerequisite for ENGL 203, ENGL 305, and ENGL 310.
    • All students registered for the EPE are in a Blackboard class, where the information below and additional information is available. 
    • Click here for the EPE Handout.
    • Click here for the Fall 2019 EPE Schedule (Coming soon).

    The EPE will also be given in Winter 2019: Thursday, 1/24/19.    

    If you have completed ENGL 102 with a “C” or above and are registered for the EPE for Spring 2019, you may take it early if you want to add ENGL 203: Fundamentals of Contemporary Speech; ENGL 305: Technical Writing; or ENGL 310: Advanced Composition for Spring 2019.  If you pass the EPE, I will let Dr. Cooledge, Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages, know, so he can assist you with adding your next English course. 

    Please come to the Writing Center between 10am and 5pm on Monday, 1/28/19, or Tuesday, 1/29/19, to take the EPE.  Please allow 2 hours to complete the exam.

    This does NOT apply to students currently enrolled in ENGL 102. 

    Dr. Terry Smith, EPE Coordinator


    Last updated:  1/24/19 by Terry Smith, Coordinator of the EPE (tsmith@umes.edu)