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  • Mission & Objectives


    The Institutional Identity section of the current Mission Statement for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), a historically Black land-grant university, indicates that UMES is a teaching, research, and extension doctoral institution that nurtures and prepares leaders, particularly from among ethnic minorities.  As Maryland's 1890 land-grant institution, UMES has a three-tiered focus of teaching, research and extension aligned with its legacy and mission.  A doctoral degree program in education leadership supports these three areas by preparing candidates-particularly effective teachers, leaders and applied researchers-for leadership positions in today's schools. In addition, this program will serve students from across the region as well as attract national participation.  Access to and availability of this program on the Eastern Shore will meet the expressed needs of local citizens who want to work toward terminal degrees.  This proposal, addresses program, personnel, knowledge and skills needed to become an effective leader in selected educational settings.  The Educational Leadership Program meets the needs of Delmarva residents desiring skills required for job advancement and of the region in providing leaders for regional economic development.

    Educational Objectives

    Students who satisfactorily complete the Doctorate in Education Leadership Program will receive the Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) degree and be prepared to fulfill the following objectives:

    • Respond to the diverse needs and diverse peoples who attend our schools and seek to provide an equal and quality education for all children;
    • Develop leadership skills which are demonstrated in building effective team-oriented approaches to teaching and learning in order to maximize the academic achievements of all students;
    • Demonstrate scholarly behaviors, such as reflection and problem-solving with skills for designing, critiquing and implementing research relevant to effective practice;
    • Adapt to changing environments and problems, solve new problems, and develop adaptive learning organizations.
    • Demonstrate ethical standards in all leadership processes.


    Admission & Requirements


    Students who enter the program must have an earned baccalaureate and master's degree from an accredited institution.  Students will enter as members of a doctoral cohort.  Since the program is designed to meet the needs of the students who may be working full-time, courses will be offered in a non-traditional format on selected Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.  Students will be served from the Delmarva area as well as from across the nation. The program will target students who possess or who are eligible for the Maryland Administrative I or its equivalent from other states, and who are serving as a principal, assistant principal or in an equivalent position or have had, in the recent past, these types of experiences.

    Enrollment in each cohort will be limited to fifteen (15) students.  The program is laden with mentoring so the goal is to retain the members of each cohort through completion of the course of study.


    All students in the Educational Leadership program must complete the following:

    1.      Core Courses (24 credits)

    2.      Administration Core (12 credits)

    3.      Research Methods (9 credits)

    4.      Internship (3 credits)

    5.      Dissertation Research (12 credits)

    Tuition & Aid

    Tuition & Financial Aid

    Please contact the financial aid office for the current tuition rate.


    Application Deadline


    Applications can be received at any time. Contact Dr. Derry L. Stufft at or Dr. Henry V. Wagner, Jr. at for further information.