Maryland State Improvement Grant (MSIG)

  • I. Mentor Resource Teacher( MRT) Service: A support for New Special Education Teachers Partners with Queen Anne's County, Somerset County, and Talbot County

    As another way to support new special education teachers in selected schools with high numbers of first year teachers, the UMES offers the services of several part-time special education Mentor Resource Teachers (MRT). MRTs are either exemplary retired teachers, or those on a leave of absence who desire to work on a part-time hourly basis.

    The MRT program is designed to be an extension of the school-based support currently provided by the school-based mentor, the lead mentor, and the administrator. Services are based on the strengths and needs of each individual teacher and are planned on a case-by-case basis. The services provided by the MRT could include: observing instruction, modeling lessons; meeting with the beginning teacher to discuss issues of concern to the teacher; sharing successful classroom management strategies; and suggesting materials, techniques, and plans to enhance instruction for all students.

    The MRT program has become a successful collaborative venture with the PDS schools and other local school system partners. The MRTs received training on best practices and local school system initiatives.
    PrinCipals have shared that they are very appreciative of the individual and specialized support being provided to their new teachers related to the direct application of instructional strategies matched to student needs.

    II.  MSIG Co-Teaching Grant General and special educators co-teach on-campus course; follow-up in counties where interns are placed (i.e., Caroline, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester)

    The University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES) Co-Teaching Grant:

    • provides instruction and coaching, consistent with the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework, for university faculty assigned to co-teach blended instruction courses to improve their attitudes, skills and knowledge of effective co-teaching.

    • provides additional instruction and modeling, consistent with the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework, for pre-service and in-service teachers in techniques to implement effective collaborative teaching approaches, Universal Design for Learning and differentiated instruction through selected co-taught courses (blended instruction).

    • provides follow-up coaching to pre-service and in-service teachers who are enrolled in the co¬taught courses and are teaching in partner Professional Development Schools. The emphasis will be on monitoring and evaluating the implementation of effective collaborative teaching approaches that are taught and modeled in the university courses, consistent with the Maryland Co-Teaching Framework.

    Dr. Karen Verbeke, Chair/Director ofTeacher Education 410-651-6220
    Mrs. Anne Thomas, Chesapeake Education Resources 410-228-9522
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore -Department of Education

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